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Jennifer Dearinger
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  JOSEPHY BEUYS, the day gurdjieff died
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David Applegate
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Amy King
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Bill Stobb
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Jason Fraley
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J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden
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Jacob Eichert
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How To Make a Painting
Amy King


I keep forgetting the answers & when
to say when. Most emulating appliances

Have nothing to do with drawing
human shapes or the steering lanes within.

Freshly-coated love scenes, red-letter
zeros, what would become a rag doll

Happens over and over as friendship.
A drive through a cardboard hole in
the mountain doesn't hurt either.

One blonde wig picked up the scent
of a predestined gentleman since

Intentionality is the most recent state that
loves its persons in the classic baroque.

Wallflower conversation, the cut-out figure
inspired his own glass-covered casket:

Here sits the world in model form
as an en masse population, always at
least two dimensions to shine upon.

And as platform artists, we attempt
to fill the shoes of paper-doll clothes,

Where life obeys resplendent cinemas,
we eat as shadows against the grain.


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