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   Volume V, Issue II

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The Common
CL Bledsoe


common sense is often lacking in the com(mon)

keys eat the fleas they groom from their neighbors.

           Shh! someone will (hear)


the rising sun before it appears. Learn to smell ch(arm)

the groundhogs, then we'll see who spe(ed)s


ucated doesn't mean able to reason, only broke. But dumb is (free)

your nethers from the oppression of underwe(ar)


ctic ice will be remembered as a flavor of slus(hi)

ps can be replaced when they fail, why not ide(as)


sume that everyone is trying to get you, but in a really lackluster

           and ineffectual (wa)y


de into the stagnant waters of middle class ethics. Consider commuting

           to save g(as)

k me how many socks I have without holes. Better yet,

           ask my to(es)


cape now while they've dozed of (f)

eel free to disagree as long as you don't


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