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excoriated alphabet
Melissa Eleftherion


Post peculation

                                             Not pebbles from peccary

He sold the white

                                                He bet the animals

So I hid toys under the couch

                                                Kept escape bag tied to bedpost

            To excoriate / ancora

            To excoriate / linea nigra

"You fetched exoskeletons"

                                                You swallowed palavers

I clenched my letters in

                                                Alphabet under palate

            To excoriate / disgrazia

            To excoriate / i ragazzi

Striated scapula

                                                Spread skirt on park bench

                                                                                                           / scalawag

            An inherited solecism

Jettisoned thrush

                                                Jettisoned imago

You carried lichen in albumen

                                                I wear the armillary




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