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Emailing JPEGs of My Study's Half-Open Door to Myself
Raymond Farr


Dxylesxically tamed Thames is brown today on bad typing
Urban Nexus Crippling Sheep
Is in the news

Figured tothother: little upUP word
Little downDOWN word
I skill saw 'em
Dueling tercet
Trembling as one ever has

O paradox in blue sentences, my sunny how much!
To pause before
Arland Ussher aka: pauper of strange fellatio scumbling phallic St. Pete
To (UP)saltSALT (DOWN)pepper
On a stair
& flying out
Is to download a photo of MALLARDS X-ing in faux-Reykjavík
Stutter faux typo / fail…to continue
RESTORE FILE: No affect but shutter speed:
& SAVE: pedestals of cruel world pajamas
80 remarkable photographs…maps…chants & poems
Allowing rant(icle!
I hit SEND: Cognac delirium dot jpeg & sit back
Studied by my study's half open door
Causeway lunatic distraction bent LIGHT of Polaroid
Saunters / vibrates slaphappy up OPEONGO WAGON RD
Where I live
I think I'd been there since I sd
What I sd when convinced
: has not been here
—brkn dishes
Zooms past doing 90
w/ cajones


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