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it was dark music
Steve Roggenbuck


, it was dark music ”      i sayd to you    ( holding bagpipes  “ .it was dark ,

                                                                                 “ and i m selling the bagpipes ”you sayd.

       “             medium hair brush  ”i sayd    “.garage door swinging aluminum
over white cars                 garage dore swinging
                                                               over white cars”

                                    “medium hare brush    ,i have one     y”ou sayd

“ the    bote oar  using it like a
                        violyn  ”i sayd ,     “    im selling the garage

“im selling the piano like a bote oar ”    i told you     ,+   i  really
                        told yo.u   
                                                                                                   “. medium hare brush

            “ my pelvis    was   a necktie       like   a  bote
oar    )y”ou sayd

                                    “oh, , .                   .    i m   selling the bagpipes     like a   bote oar


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