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In the Year of Our Ford
CL Bledsoe


Consider Henry Ford's C(h)r(is)tian upbringing
fina[l] breat(h) captured [(i)]n a t[e(s])t tube

admi[r]at[i]o[n] for H(it)ler. In the year of our F(or)d
his son our Rea[g]an. In the name of the fa[t]her, the son,
            the holy figu([r]e)he(ad)

the tr[u]th in our odom[e]te[r]s, the book of miles, verse
            [t]wo [h]undred [an]d fifty [t]hou(sand)
and sawdust, f[r]om which we are made, and to
            (wh)ich w(e) will ret[u]r(n)

we've comple[t]ed the purc[h]ases of this
            (w)orld. Unto the kingdom of D(e)troit
will be driven. Amen.


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