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Cricket Online Review Contributor Notes

Christopher Arigo's first poetry collection Lit interim won the 2001-2002 Transcontinental Poetry Prize (selected by David Bromige) and was published by Pavement Saw Press (2003). His second collection In the archives (2007) was released by Omnidawn Publishing. He co-edits the literary journal Interim with poet Claudia Keelan and is an Assistant Professor of English at Washington State University.

Emileigh Barnes is a recovering newsroom editor and a first-year poetry MFA student at the University of Mississippi. Her work has most recently appeared in EOAGH, Southern Women's Review and Nibble.

John M. Bennett has published over 300 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of Lost and Found Times (1975-2005), and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him "the seminal American poet of my generation." His work, publications and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art and other major libraries.

Jim Benz has been writing poetry for more than thirty years-with a big gap in-between. His work can be found in a variety of print and online journals, including (most recently) Caper Literary Journal, Blackbox Manifold, Gutter Eloquence and Right Hand Pointing. Additional poems are forthcoming at DIAGRAM and DailyHaiku. An associate editor of Shakespeare's Monkey Revue, he lives in Minneapolis with his wife, two cats and a dog.

Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn-based poet/performer having published with various U.S. and U.K. presses. For more work by Cancel, visit (sound poetry), (noise poetry) and (other poetry).

Ryder Collins has work published in Monkeybicycle, decomP, Dogzplot, DIAGRAM, shady side review, and Segue, among others. Her chapbook, Orpheus on toast, is forthcoming soon from Imaginary Friend Press. Her ugly bloggy can be found left behind at the pound:

Mark DeCarteret's work has appeared in the anthologies American Poetry: The Next Generation (Carnegie Mellon Press), New Pony: Collaborations & Responses (Horse Less Press), Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader (Black Sparrow Press) and Under the Legislature of Stars—62 New Hampshire Poets (Oyster River Press), which he also co-edited. Last year, he was selected as the seventh Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, N.H.

Adam Fieled is a poet based in Philadelphia. He has released four print books: Opera Bufa (Otoliths, 2007), When You Bit... (Otoliths, 2008), Chimes (BlazeVOX, 2009), and Apparition Poems (BlazeVOX, 2010), as well as numerous chaps, e-chaps, and e-books, including Posit (Dusie Press, 2007), Beams (BlazeVOX, 2007) and The White Album (ungovernable press, 2009). His work has appeared in Tears in the Fence, Great Works, Listenlight, Otoliths, PennSound, The Argotist, Upstairs at Duroc, Jacket, and in the &Now Anthology from Lake Forest College Press. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he also holds an MFA from New England College and an MA from Temple University, where he is completing his PhD.

Tuna Fortuna attends the University of Georgia. He plays bass in "The Peter Pancakes" and "Tumbleweed Stampede" and collaborates with other area musicians.

KJ Hannah Greenberg and her hibernaculum of imaginary hedgehogs roam the verbal hinterlands. Sylvan creatures to a one, they fashion narrative from leaves, shiny bugs and marshmallow fluff. Some of the homes for their writing have included: 365 Tomorrows, AlienSkin Magazine, AntipodeanSF, Bards and Sages, and Morpheus Tales. What's more, her critiques of speculative fiction are published at Tangent and Hannah is serving as an Associate Editor at Bewildering Stories. In other genres, Hannah's also rocking and rolling. A few months ago, she was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, in poetry. This month, one of her books of essays, Oblivious to the Obvious: Wishfully Mindful Parenting has been published. Visit her website for excerpts/sample chapters. To order, please go to

gtrabbit lives in Pittsburgh, where he works part-time in a candy store. The rest of his time is divided between biking, playing Go, cooking, sleeping and editing sound files.

Writing by Tom Hibbard has appeared in many online and print publications. Recent poetry has appeared in Cannot Exist, moria, Jacket, Jack and a section of "political poems" in Word/For Word. Several reviews of other poets' work have been published recently in Galatea Resurrects and Big Bridge. Copies of the poetry collection Place of Uncertainty are available online through Otoliths Storefront. The poems published here are from a new collection titled The Sacred River of Consciousness.

Stacie Leatherman's first collection of poems, Stranger Air, will be published by Mayapple Press in early 2011. Work is forthcoming or has recently appeared in New American Writing, Indiana Review, Barrow Street, Diagram and Crazyhorse, among others. She has an MFA in Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Travis Macdonald's work has appeared in 580 Split, Bombay Gin, Columbia Poetry Review, Hot Whiskey, Jacket, Otoliths, Requited, Wheelhouse and elsewhere. His first full-length collection, The O Mission Repo, an erasure of The 9/11 Commission Report, is available from Fact-Simile Editions. An E-chap of his experimental translations, Basho's Phonebook, is available from E-ratio. He currently lives and writes in his spare time.

Seth McKelvey recently graduated from the University of Georgia. He completed his thesis, The Skeleton Keyhole, on contemporary experimental poetry, poetics, and collaboration under the guidance of his mentor and friend, Andrew Zawacki.

William Moor is from Tempe, Ariz. He moved to the Bay Area in 2003.

C.W. Mote holds an MA in English and Creative Writing from Temple University. His writing has appeared in print in First Intensity and online at NewPages and Pindeldyboz. A native of Philadelphia, he currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beyond space, he exists at

Sheila E. Murphy is widely published as a poet, and over the past decade has been active in visual poetry as well. Recent book publications include Quaternity with Scott Glassman (Otoliths). Her home is in Phoenix, Ariz.

Tom Oristaglio lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he writes poetry and molests photocopy machines in his spare time. When it comes to the process of creation, he likes what Jasper Johns says: "Take an image. Do something to it... Do something else to it... Do something else to it." His poems have appeared in Armchair/Shotgun, Mannequin Envy and Flying Guillotine Press's Apocalypse Anthology. Peel your eyes.

Carlos Rowles is a writer living in the New York metro area. His piece is an excerpt from a mash-up history of America. For more information visit

Michael Shally-Jensen trained in cultural anthropology before entering the book publishing trade, where he works as an editor. He lives in western Mass. His poems have appeared in Literal Latté (2009 prize winner), Smartish Pace (2009 prize finalist) and elsewhere.

Sophie Sills recently relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where she works for a Jewish non-profit and teaches English at National University. Here, she writes poetry and literary criticism. She has a book of poetry forthcoming from BlazeVOX, Elemental Perceptions: A Panorama.

Sarah Suzor is the author of It was the season, then. (EtherDome Chapbooks) and the forthcoming Isle of Dogs (Toadlily Press). Her first full-length manuscript, The Principle Agent, recently won The Hudson Prize and will be published in 2011 by Black Lawrence Press. She lives in Los Angeles, where she is an editor for Highway 101 Press and a visiting lecturer at The Left Bank Writers Retreat.

Naomi Beth Tarle is a poet and artist currently living in Jerusalem, Israel. She received her BA in English from UCLA and her MFA in creative writing from Boise State. When she isn't collecting manual typewriters and crumbling books, she occasionally does some art.

Pete Zeller writes poems and studies biochemistry in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Cricket Online Review Vol. VI, No. I August 2010

Carlos Rowles' novel excerpt published here is taken from the complete work The History, which appears in Ubuweb's "Publishing the Unpublishable."

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