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from Myths and miscellany: Some instructions: IV: Ionization and nightmares
Christopher Arigo


Invisible from the air / lines bind the land



                                   the fleeing birds / the air you breathe / the destroyer of worlds

lightning alchemizes our reflections and reversals

choreographed in redshift but


                in the meantime know to paint me with ochre / to wrap me in a simple linen shroud / abandon me to 

                the ocean's restorative alchemy / its anaphoric waves slapping beaches I love


ocean—the desert's dopplegänger


consider this my last request




Note shadows unable to maintain their borrowed shapes


Runoff carves rivers given enough time / a valley in which myths reside


Note how a mouthful of pennies tastes like blood / like the sea


Or bury me among red rock unmarked unknown except by a few—my final fuck you


(it is best not to offend the sea)


Add this to your anthology of nightmares / to my catalogue of last requests


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