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Karl Marx Plaza (The Most Worthless Piece of Real Estate on the Planet)
Tom Hibbard


potholes imitating frozen potholes
hired for their skill in psychology
the thirteenth circle of surreptitiousness
where sunlight has not yet shown for the first time
owned by nobody knows
paid for in rusty work-out bikes
driven from the land by god
beneath trees enclosed in barbed wire
chiropractors sell inferior crosses
for soldiers killed in moral labyrinths
of crumbling concrete and boarded-up restaurants
commercial real estate for-sale signs
kwik-wars stirred in confining self-mutilating dumpsters
the most valuable tool the camera
blocks out thugery of corporate scorpions
founded on endless disputing
that makes "the economy" different from food
the only thing you recollect
is everything tasted like glazed donuts
"crazy tom" picks through the debris
with his woozy slave wife
whom he has never seen
with whom he is forbidden to talk


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