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from Systems: III
Sophie Sills


In this place, air propels its body upward. The fish swims vertically, like an embellishment of a 
melody through water and dolerite toward the lambent, making a rummy lallation, like a wawl of 
Eris on his errantry. This stolen pleasure, in its scales and reptilian skin, watches wavesom mend 
to the water. The hour is bedimming. And an amoretto is impressed on the briny substance, the 
attachment to earthly things is  measured by the observer. On the water, there is a beautiful youth 
riding a parrot and  attended by nymphs. He sets right a bow of sugar cane with a bowstring of 
bees. His  flower tipped arrows dart like their own wild animal selves. The impression of Kama, 
desire upon the fish's moaning makes an instrument, a performer of miracles between  land and 


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