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Sanctity Worker (Birth-Right)
Tom Hibbard


             "The community itself and each of its members
                 has ultimately a wild component, a creative
                 spontaneity that is its deepest reality..."

                                                                         -Thom. Berry

primitive duplication plundering the source
the grandiose overvaluation
formed revived off-shore drilling
out of furious pointing-in-the-wrong-direction
the eradication of nature
as opposed to the give-and-take of its beauty
diversity insures unity
its own but also everyone else's
an empirical pierre
dreading the moment
when an autumnal pile of moldy leaves
pushed to the limit of endurance
looked and saw the last one-dimensional angel
hovering in digitized space
tearing lies to pieces with truth
until change becomes flux
until the miraculous becomes the trusted
until the mystery of idyllic neglect
becomes the mystery of consecrated appreciation
impulsive Jude-the-Jumper
eagerly nails together
unemployment and middle-class beatings
into a solar system of freedom
a structure not quantitative but qualitative
the basis of which is circuitous actuality
the magnanimity of its made-up face
where the law disappeared
the spirit became durable
an intended star
in the midst of an infinite number of others


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